About Rug Firm

“Rug Firm” was established with the idea of providing every single customer with “A GOOD QUALITY RUG AT A REASONABLE PRICE”. We bring two generations of knowledge, experience, and trust to our outstanding collection.

With a large warehouse in Tehran, and “Saghatchi GMBH” in Hamburg, Germany, we have supplied companies like “Belle Kunst Galleri” in Bilund, Denmark for the past 34 years, and also “Golden Silk Road” Rug Company in Shanghai, China, with top quality handmade Persian rugs. We have also been a supplier of new, old, and antique Persian and Oriental rugs to very well-known rug importers in the U.S. (California, New York, Texas, Utah, and Massachusetts), and been able to build a very solid reputation for our company.

“Rug Firm” has always had the goal of keeping a large group of satisfied customers and benefits from repeat business. By offering authentic, good quality rugs, we bring not only beauty but also value to your home.

Quality Imported Rugs

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