Chinese 8'7" X 11'9"

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High quality Chinese rug with a thick pile
Rug Number 445786
Type Chinese
Style Modern
Size (ft) 8'7" X 11'9"
Size (cm) 262 X 358
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age New
KPSI 169
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Large Rugs

Chinese Rugs
Although weaving rugs in China has a history of over 2000 years, the industry reached its full maturity by the end of 19th century. By this time, many weaving schools had been established to create work for the poor. Until relatively recent times, wool rugs were not used in China as a floor covering or for decoration purposes. In the early production of rugs, camel hair, dyed black and red at the borders was used in China. These were very durable rugs decorated with simple geometrical patterns. About 50 years ago, the industry of rug weaving was transplanted to other Asian countries, where more modern techniques were developed.�
Unlike most oriental rugs, in Chinese designs, the motifs stand alone rather than joining together to form the pattern, each having its specific meaning. The motifs were often inspired by religious influences on the individual weavers. From the early times, silk was being used in the production of Chinese rugs. These rugs come in beautiful and elegant shades of black, blue, red, ivory, and beige. The foundation is typically cotton with two shots of weft inserted over each row of knots. Reproduction of Persian designs, mostly Kashan, Tabriz, and Nain started about 40 years ago in China. There are many different qualities of Chinese rugs, but the average knot density is between 100 and 400 KPSI. It can be much higher than that for silk rugs. Some of the Chinese antique rugs, treasured by many museums around the world, are very valuable.

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