Indian 10'0" X 12'0"

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An attractive Indian rug with high quality wool and interesting pattern
Rug Number 445789
Type Indian
Style Modern
Size (ft) 10'0" X 12'0"
Size (cm) 305 X 366
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age New
KPSI 196
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Palace rugs

Indian Rugs
As is the case with Pakistan rugs, the art of rug weaving in India goes back to the sixteenth century. Almost all Indian rugs are strongly influenced by Persian designs due to the fact that weaving workshops of India have always been supervised by Persian master weavers. It has also resulted in Indian rugs to be named after the Persian style names that they copied. For instance, an Indo-Kashan is a Kashan design made in India. These rugs tend to have a relatively thick pile and are very durable. The warp is normally cotton with two shots of weft, also of cotton, inserted over each row of knots. Almost all handmade rugs woven in this region are made in workshops, exclusively for exportation. They come in all possible sizes but do not usually exceed 12 by 18 feet. The soft quality of the wool, and innovative color combinations, together with a higher pile have made Indian rugs very desirable in western markets. The knot density for Indian rugs ranges from 100 to about 250 KPSI.

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