Nain 7'11" X 11'6"

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Beautiful Persian Nain in perfect condition with silk highlight, a gorgeous piece
Rug Number 22119
Type Persian
Style Nain
Size (ft) 7'11" X 11'6"
Size (cm) 350 X 240
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool and Silk
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 10-20
KPSI 324
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Large Rugs

Nain is a small town located in Isfahan province. Some of the finest Persian rugs are woven in Nain and its neighboring cities and villages, such as Toodeshk and Biabanak. They have the formal, floral, “Shah Abbasi” pattern, with traditional colors of red, blue, and ivory. In most Nain rugs, the color of background is Ivory. Any design other than the center medallion would be rare in these rugs. Nain rugs are in great demand and large quantities of them are exported to countries all over the world. Every single strand of the warp (fringe) consists of three separate threads (exposed when spun counter-clockwise), and if each one is made up of two threads, then you have 3*2=6 making the rug a finer “6 LAA” Nain. If each thread of the warp is made up of three threads, then you have 3*3=9 making it a “9 LAA” Nain. Any other quality of Nain rugs would be considered rare. Foundation is cotton with two shots of weft inserted over each row of knots. The pile has highlights of silk. Average knot density for Nain rugs is between 200 up to over 800 KPSI.

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