Bakhtiar 4'7" X 6'5"

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Old Persian Bakhtiar with the typical tile pattern, your ideal choice for a high traffic area

Rug Number 441918
Type Persian
Style Bakhtiar
Size (ft) 4'7" X 6'5"
Size (cm) 140 X 196
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 30-40
KPSI 144
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Medium Rugs

Bakhtiari tribes are scattered around an area southwest of Isfahan known as Chahar-Mahal, with Shahr-kurd being its capital city. Production of Bakhtiari rugs increased in the beginning of the 19th century, and raised rapidly due to the fact that there are around 200 villages in the area that produce rugs. All possible sizes have been woven in Bakhtiar, and qualities are so diverse; from commercial grade to excellent collector items. Foundation is usually cotton with 2 shots of weft passing over each row of knots. There is also great variation of colors: many shades of red, brown, blue, ivory, yellow and green. Many rugs from this area use hand-spun wool and natural dyes, and the pile is normally trimmed high. Bakhtiar rugs are very durable, in high demand, very decorative, with an average knot count from 80 to 200 KPSI.

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