Bijar 7'6" X 11'4"

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Old Persian Bijar rug, will handle traffic for another 100 years
Rug Number 443319
Type Persian
Style Bijar
Size (ft) 7'6" X 11'4"
Size (cm) 230 X 345
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 40-50
KPSI 225
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Large Rugs

Bijar is a small Kurdish town of Kermanshah province, sharing a border with Azerbaijan. Bijar rugs have an international reputation due to their high quality and durability. Often referred to as the “Iron Rug”, Bijar has a very thick foundation, normally of cotton (only in antique pieces, made of wool), and two shots of thick weft threads compacted very tightly. The typical pattern of Bijar rugs is the repeated Herati Mahi, with or without a medallion, in rich red, blue, and brown colors. Floral patterns are mostly seen in Bijars of recent production. They come in all different sizes. However, due to their heavy weight, anything larger than 10 by 13 feet would be uncommon. Bijars are one of the most sought after Persian rugs in the international markets because of their endless life. They go well with all types of d�cor, with an average knot density between 200 and up to 500 KPSI.

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