Birjand (Mood) 9'0 X 12'1

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Old Persian Birjand (Mood) in a gorgeous geometric pattern and in perfect condition, absolutely beautiful, signed by the master weaver "Ahmadi" certificate number "1513".
Rug Number 22547
Type Persian
Style Birjand (Mood)
Size (ft) 9'0 X 12'1
Size (cm) 274 X 368
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 40-50
KPSI 256
Condition Excellent
Pattern Geometric
Category Palace Rugs

Birjand is the capital of the new province of Southern Khorasan. Rugs woven in this region are internationally known as "Mood”, which is a subdivision of Birjand. Although the history of rug production in Birjand goes back to over 200 years, these rugs gained more popularity since about 70 years ago due to improvements in quality and innovation in design. Birjand owes much of these positive achievements to Mr. Amini, one of the acclaimed rug producers of this region. For Birjand rugs, the foundation is always cotton, with two shots of weft of very different thickness. All sizes are woven in Birjand up to around 15 by 18 feet. The typical pattern is Herati Mahi either with or without a medallion, and the typical colors are ivory, different shades of red, navy blue, and soft green. In Birjand rugs, the border is normally very detailed in pattern, and complements the field as the frame does in a painting. The average knot density ranges from 120 to over 400 KPSI.

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