Gabbeh 5'11" X 7'7"

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A beautiful Persian Gabbeh with hand-spun wool and all natural dyes
Rug Number 444697
Type Persian
Style Gabbeh
Size (ft) 5'11" X 7'7"
Size (cm) 180 X 231
Foundation Wool
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age New
KPSI 121
Condition Excellent
Pattern Open Field
Category Medium Rugs

Unlike other handmade rugs, the word “Gabbeh” does not refer to the region where this type of rug is woven. The word simply means “something raw, unfinished” in Persian language, making the point that Gabbeh is nomadic, informal, simple, and meant to be used for day to day life. Persian Gabbeh is mostly woven by tribal people of Qashqai around Shiraz. Gabbeh is also produced in Pakistan, Turkey, India, and Tibet. Almost all Gabbeh rugs have hand-spun, naturally-dyed wool and are extremely durable. They normally come in smaller sizes, but can go up to 10 by 13 feet. Nomad weavers work on horizontal wooden looms and are forced to be moving around by seasonal migration. As a result, weaving large pieces of Gabbeh would be very difficult for them. The pattern is very simple, usually with a plain field and no border, displaying simple animals or motives. Gabbeh rugs look their best in modern or contemporary settings. The recent innovation in Gabbeh is much higher quality of the weave and shorter pile. Knot density varies from 85 (older type) up to 220 (newer type) KPSI.

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