Hamadan 8'6" X 11'0"

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A Persian Hamadan rug with high quality wool and a thick pile, will handle heavy traffic for another 100 years
Rug Number 22155
Type Persian
Style Hamadan
Size (ft) 8'6" X 11'0"
Size (cm) 335 X 261
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 20-30
KPSI 144
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Large Rugs

Hamadan is the capital city of Hamadan province in western Persia and includes some well-known rug-producing cities and villages such as Borchelu, Enjilas, Khamseh, Zaghe, Kolyai, and Lylyan. Total number of all these small cities and villages reaches 1500. Several different patterns are found in Hamadan rugs: floral with or without a medallion, allover, geometric and also the famous Herati Mahi design. Hamadan and its surrounding cities and villages produce a large quantity of rugs that are very unique in their own way. Foundation is cotton with one single weft inserted loosely over each row of knots, giving Hamadan rugs a very soft feel. These rugs come in all possible sizes and many runners (short and long) are woven in this region. There is also a very large variety of colors with rich reds and powerful blues dominating, and making heavy contrast with lighter colors. The wool is of excellent quality making these rugs extremely durable. It may be interesting to note that more than 90% of weavers in this region are women. Knot density of Hamadan rugs start around 60 and can go up to over 300 KPSI.

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