Kashmar 9'9 X 12'11

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Semi-antique Persian Kashmar in a detailed "Vase and Jar" design, a beautiful color combination, and in perfect condition, will handle heave traffic for another 100 years.
Rug Number 22545
Type Persian
Style Kashmar
Size (ft) 9'9 X 12'11
Size (cm) 297 X 395
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 50-60
KPSI 225
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Palace Rugs

Kashmar is located in the province of Khorasan southwest of Mashad. Many high quality rugs have been woven in this region in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Kashmar rugs show design features from many different regions and introduce some of the most unique Persian rugs. There is great color harmony and detailed pattern in these rugs. Quality of wool is excellent, and they come in many different sizes, though any piece larger than 10 by 13 feet would be considered rare. Different shades of red, navy and light blue, ivory, soft green and orange are generously used in Kashmar rugs. Foundation is almost always thin cotton, with two shots of weft inserted over each row of knots. A very famous design of Kashmar is “Case-Kuseh”, which means “Vase and Jug”, exactly because these items are woven in the field. They represent unearthed precious objects. In these rugs, the last several rows of pile are woven at both ends using the same different colors as those used in the field of the rug. Most probably, this is to help the selection process of the correct colors of wool in case repairs are needed in the future. Kashmar rugs are very durable, considered great investments, and go with all decors. Average knot density is between 140 and 500 with rare cases of as high a density as 800 KPSI.

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