Kerman 10'2" X 13'6"

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Old Persian Kerman with a traditional pattern and typical color combination of Kerman rugs
Rug Number 443799
Type Persian
Style Kerman
Size (ft) 10'2" X 13'6"
Size (cm) 310 X 411
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 40-50
KPSI 196
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Palace Rugs

Kerman is the capital city of Kerman province and has been a major center of high grade Persian rug weaving for the past 100 years. There is a large variation in patterns and color combinations in Kerman rugs. All sizes are possible; some of the largest Persian rugs ever woven are Kermans. Foundation is always cotton with two shots of weft (rarely three shots) inserted over each row of knots. They are very similar to Yazd rugs, with the main distinguishing factor being blue wefts in Yazd versus white in Kerman. Kerman rugs are very much appreciated in international markets. Different Persian patterns are woven in Kerman, using lighter and softer colors of blue and red compared to other Persian rugs. Quality of wool is excellent, making Kerman rugs very durable. Some antique pieces can be quite valuable. Knot density varies from around 130 up to over 500 KPSI, mostly depending on whether the rug is made in the city itself or in surrounding villages.

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