Mahal 9'7 X 12'11

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Old Persian Mahal in a detailed corner and medallion pattern, beautiful border, and in perfect condition, will handle heavy traffic for many many more years.
Rug Number 22544
Type Persian
Style Mahal
Size (ft) 9'7 X 12'11
Size (cm) 292 X 394
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 50-60
KPSI 196
Condition Excellent
Pattern Corner and Medallion
Category Palace Rugs

Mahal, also known as Mahallat, is located in Arak province, and produces rugs of a strong structure. Although Mahal and Sarouk rugs are similar, geometric patterns can often be found in Mahal, whereas such designs are very rare in Sarouk. These rugs come in all sizes (mostly room size), and the main colors are traditional reds, and dark blues. Some old pieces of Mahal rugs are very valuable. As for the foundation, the warp is cotton and the weft is either cotton or wool; two shots of weft are inserted over each row of knots. Mahal rugs have been under great influence of western markets. Typical colors of Mahal rugs are red â€" in different shades - , dark blue, and ivory. Natural dyes are very common in rugs woven in this region. High quality of the wool makes these rugs very durable. The average knot density in these rugs is 120-150 KPSI.

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