Malayer 3'5" X 16'10"

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Antique Persian Malayer runner with hand-spun wool, 100% natural dyes, and a low pile
Rug Number 444366
Type Persian
Style Malayer
Size (ft) 3'5" X 16'10"
Size (cm) 104 X 513
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 50-60
KPSI 144
Condition Excellent
Pattern Geometric
Category Runners (10' and Longer)

Malayer is located in Hamadan province and shares many of its rug properties with other cities of this region, including Nahavand, Touserkan, Roodbar, Tafresh, Kolyai, and Lilihan, just to name a few. Patterns are geometric and some old Malayer pieces are among the most valuable Persian rugs. Traditional colors of red and dark blue are used in these rugs, and natural dyes are common in rugs of Malayer. They usually are woven in smaller sizes, but long and wide runners (called MIANEH) are common as well. Most Malayer weavers use hand-spun wool of a good quality, making their rugs very durable. The foundation is either wool or cotton, and sometimes a combination of both. One single weft passes over each row of knots. It may be interesting to know that more than 90% of weavers in this region are women. Average knot density in Malayer rugs is 120 to 180 KPSI.

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