Mashad 3'5 X 12'9

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Top quality, semi-antique Persian Mashad hall runner in an amazing allover floral pattern, signed "Astan Ghods carpet company" with certificate number 3096, in perfect condition, will last another 100 years in a high traffic hallway.
Rug Number 22679
Type Persian
Style Mashad
Size (ft) 3'5 X 12'9
Size (cm) 104 X 389
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 60-70
KPSI 225
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Runners (10' and Longer)

Mashad is located in the northeastern province of Khorasan, and has been a major producer of Persian rugs for a few centuries. Mashad rugs have a formal, floral, and symmetric design, often with a center medallion in the same color as the border. The wool is acquired locally and is of the best possible quality. The majority of Mashad rugs are room size, and some very large pieces have been woven as well. Dark red and blue are the dominating colors, with ivory as a contrast. In many Mashad rugs, the wool is dyed using insects rather than plants. Foundation is almost always cotton with two shots of weft inserted over each row of knots. In these rugs, several rows of pile are woven at both ends, using the same different colors used in the field and border of the rug. Most probably, this is to help selecting the correct colors of wool in case repairs are needed in the future. Mashad rugs are very durable, and some of the old pieces, especially if they have a well-known signature, are among the most valuable Persian rugs. Knot density of Mashad rugs is in the wide range of 120 up to around 500 KPSI.

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