Meshkin 3'5" X 10'4"

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Authentic, old Persian Meshkin runner (Azerbaijan area) with 100% natural dyes, will last another 100 years in a high traffic area
Rug Number 22326
Type Persian
Style Meshkin
Size (ft) 3'5" X 10'4"
Size (cm) 315 X 105
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 40-50
KPSI 144
Condition Excellent
Pattern Geometric
Category Runners (10' and Longer)

Meshkin is a small town in the northwestern province of Azerbaijan and close to the city of Ardebil. In most Meshkin rugs, the wool is hand-spun, and natural dyes are used. They come in different sizes, but do not usually exceed room sizes. Many long runners are woven in this region. Meshkin rugs have geometric pattern, and are a good examples of nomadic Persian rugs. Foundation is either cotton or wool, and can often be a combination of both. Bold colors of red and royal blue are used, with ivory as a beautiful contrast. Meshkin rugs are very decorative and therefore in high demand. Average knot density is 150-180 KPSI.

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