Shahsavan Kilim 3'4 X 10'9

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An exceptionally high quality, antique Persian Shahsavan Kilim (flat woven) from late 19th century in an adorable color combination, a very delicate piece of woven fabric in perfect condition.
Rug Number 22720
Type Persian
Style Shahsavan
Size (ft) 3'4 X 10'9
Size (cm) 102 X 328
Foundation Wool
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Woven
Age 110-120
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Runners (10' and Longer)

In the province of Eastern Azerbaijan, and close to the area surrounding Mount Sabalan, the tribes of Shahsavan produce some of the most attractive of Persian nomadic rugs. The pattern of both the field and the border are relatively simple. The weft is normally either red or ivory, and unlike many other rugs produced in this region, never blue or brown. Shahsavan rugs have a fairly flat back, with the warp threads somewhat thicker than the weft, of which two shots are inserted over each row of knots. Saddlebags, flat woven kilims, blanket and salt bags, as well as khorjins with the use of natural dyes are fairly common in this region. Knot density in Shahsavan rugs ranges from 100 to over 250 KPSI.

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