Turkeman 4'1 X 4'11

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Top quality, semi-antique Persian Turkeman from early 20th century in a wonderful panel design with repeating "Gul" motif, all natural dyes, and in perfect condition.
Rug Number 22665
Type Persian
Style Turkeman
Size (ft) 4'1 X 4'11
Size (cm) 124 X 150
Foundation Wool
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 80-90
KPSI 225
Condition Excellent
Pattern Geometric
Category Small Rugs

The term “Turkeman” refers to a large tribe scattered around Golestan and Khorasan provinces. Even though rugs of patterns similar to Bokhara and Afghan are woven by Turkemans, it is safe to say that they have produced some of the most unique pieces of Persian rugs for many centuries. Patterns are repeated and geometric diamond-shaped motifs. Colors of deep red, dark blue, brown, green, and ivory are the most common in Turkeman rugs. Natural dyes are used in most of older pieces, and chemical dyes in newer ones. Turkeman rugs come in sizes as large as 9 by 12 feet, but smaller sizes are more common. As for the foundation, warp is either cotton or wool, and weft is wool, with two shots of weft inserted on top of each row of knots. Average knot density is 120-150 KPSI, though it can be much higher in some old pieces, making them quite valuable.

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