Turkish 8'4" X 10'4"

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Very unique Turkish rug with a thick pile, perfect for a high traffic area
Rug Number 445228
Type Turkish
Style Mahal
Size (ft) 8'4" X 10'4"
Size (cm) 254 X 315
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age New
KPSI 121
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Large Rugs

Turkish Rugs
Rug weaving is a widespread form of art with Turkish people dating back to 13th century. Turkish rugs have been used as a natural barrier against the cold, covering floors as well as doorways and walls. Traditionally, women and girls took up weaving both as a hobby and means of income. Older Turkish rugs have a wool foundation and non-intricate patterns. In newer pieces, the foundation is almost always cotton and the pattern is either floral or geometric. Turkish rugs are very rich in design, color, and symbols, and are produced in more than 700 villages and tribal areas. They come in many different sizes, but anything larger than 9 X 12 feet would be considered rare. In most Turkish rugs, two shots of weft is inserted over each row of knots, and the average knot density is from 100 up to 800 KPSI (for silk Turkish rugs).

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