Varamin 8'1" X 11'3"

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An old Persian Varamin rug with the typical "Minakhani" pattern of the region, absolutely fantastic
Rug Number 445300
Type Persian
Style Varamin
Size (ft) 8'1" X 11'3"
Size (cm) 246 X 343
Foundation Cotton
Pile Wool
Workmanship Hand Knotted
Age 40-50
KPSI 296
Condition Excellent
Pattern All Over
Category Large Rugs

Varamin is a small town just about 25 miles southeast of the capital city of Tehran, and an important production center for Persian rugs. In majority of Varamin rugs, the wool is dyed by natural plants even in new production. Also, the quality of wool in Varamin rugs is exceptionally high, resulting in very harmonious color combinations. Different patterns are used by weavers in this region, but geometric designs tend to be the norm, usually with one single center medallion, or a few of them in a row. Varamin rugs come in different sizes, but do not usually exceed 9 by 12 feet. The foundation is cotton (wool in some older pieces) with two shots of weft inserted over each row of knots, packed tightly. Darker shades of red, rust, blue, and brown are the main colors in these rugs. Experts suspect that some of the antique "Tehran” rugs, which are collector items, might actually have been woven in Varamin. The average knot density for these rugs is 120-220 KPSI and could go much higher for older pieces.

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